1. Which region in India do the dishes originate from?

India is diverse to say the least. Anjali’s family hails from the western state of Gujarat, specifically, from the Kathiawad region. The dishes that she’ll be teaching you to make are Gujarati with strong Kathiawadi influences. The techniques and oral recipes are how she learned to cook from her Mom, Veena.

2. Are the dishes going to be complicated to make?

We know you’re busy - either working 40+ hours/week, being a full-time parent, or juggling the responsibilities of life. Our dishes are intended to have what you're making, from raw ingredients to finished product, on a plate in an hour, if not sooner. 

3. Are the videos pre-recorded?

No, classes are live-streamed (i.e., Zoom conference). That way you get to have all your questions answered and learn a bit more about the dish and/or culture.

4. I signed up for a class, now what?

That’s great and we’re so excited to have you participate! Check out our Resources page on the ingredients, equipment, and recommendations on where to buy ingredients from. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out (anjali@ammascookingco.com)!

5. Do I need any special software or computer equipment to participate?

Yes! We use Zoom for the lesson. You'll need install the driver in case it's not already installed. In general, you'll need a laptop or tablet so you can better follow Anjali's actions. If you'd like to ask questions during the class, then you'll need a microphone on your device.

6. What time zone are classes taught in?

We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area (PST). If you're not in the same time zone, please add the needed hours to our class schedule, so you can be sure to join at the right time!

7. Will you provide a recipe?

These classes don't include a formal, written recipe. Instead our classes are designed with the intent for you to learn how to cook the dishes they way that Anjali learned to cook: through smell, sight, and taste...in other words following your gut. Yes, it can be intimidating at first, but this is how countless people from various cultures have learned to cook. And honestly, it makes some pretty bomb food.

8. I’m still in school or don’t have a lot of disposable income, do you offer a discount?

Yes! We want to make participating and learning as accessible as possible. Email us and we’ll send you a special code (anjali@ammascookingco.com).

9. I followed the technique, but it’s not working out. Are you able to help troubleshoot?

Most definitely! Please note, I do have a part-time job and may not be able to respond to your email immediately, but I hope to respond within 24 hours, if not sooner.

10. Are you going to teach classes in-person?

Currently, our classes are online-only. However, If the online portion takes off and there’s demand for other class formats, then most definitely yes! In other words, please help spread the word about the online classes, so we can do in-person classes too! Leave a review AND follow us on Instagram