Kitchen of Anne & Paul

The Principles

Often we’re hustling so hard in our lives that we don’t have time to nourish our bodies. Often times, the thought of cooking is daunting and overwhelming. The struggle, truly, is real.


Amma’s Cooking Company is founded on four principles:

  • Cooking, specifically Gujarati (West India) food, can be quick, easy, fun, and delicious to make.

  • Learning to cook can be affordable and accessible to people of various backgrounds and experiences in the kitchen.

  • Recognizing and appreciating the countless women around the world who have nourished their families, small and large. 

  • Understanding vegetarian food is incredibly nutritious, without the use of tofu or mock meat.

Why Amma's Cooking?

Gujarati food is least to Anjali it is. She grew up eating home-cooked food almost every day, be it the quintessential RDBS (rotli-daal-bhaath-shaak...flatbread-lentil-rice-vegetables) or cuisines from around the world with an Indian twist.


Growing up in different parts of the US, Anjali’s school lunches were a point of conversation and curiosity with her classmates:

  • "Your food smells so good, can I have some?"

  • "How can you be a vegetarian? I love meat too much to give it up."

  • "Don’t vegetables feel pain when you kill them too?"

  • "Where do you get your protein...isn’t it super unhealthy to be vegetarian?"

  • "It’s religious, right?"


Amma’s Cooking Company hopes to show participants how to cook delicious, finger-licking good vegetarian Gujarati food that can be made in less than an hour. And through the cooking process show you how Gujaratis (and many vegetarian South Asians) have thrived thousands of years on their vegetarian diet.


In case you didn’t know already, the term, “Amma” is a South Asian word for "mother" and has been a term used in Anjali’s family.